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TamilCTF is a team of cyber security enthusiasts from India that was formed in 2020. We are more than a CTF team; we have hosted many CTF events for colleges and enterprises. Our team consists of players from India who are passionate about information security and ethical hacking and eager to learn more in this field.

Our Motto

Like seeds sown in the soil of kindness, our contributions to others flourish, and in their growth, we find the abundance of our own nourishment.

Educational Sessions
At TamilCTF, we're dedicated to spreading awareness about information security (infosec) within our community and beyond. As part of our commitment to cybersecurity education, our team members regularly organize and host online infosec education sessions. You can check our latest sessions here
Progressive Development
We believe that the journey of cybersecurity and CTFs is best traveled together. Our team players are not just participants; they are mentors and learners, supporting each other in a continuous cycle of growth.
Elevate Your Skills with CTF
At TamilCTF, we're passionate about cultivating cybersecurity talent and providing exciting opportunities for skill development. That's why we regularly host captivating Capture The Flag (CTF) events that challenge participants and offer a dynamic learning environment. Our CTF events feature a wide range of challenges, each meticulously crafted to test various aspects of cybersecurity. Whether you're into web exploitation, cryptography, or reverse engineering, there's something for everyone.


How to join TamilCTF and what expertise in cyber security is required?
To join TamilCTF, you need to have a proficient skill in cybersecurity. We welcome individuals with varying skill levels, from intermediate to experienced practitioners. We believe in learning and growing together. You can reach out to us via contact@tamilctf.com to express your interest in joining.
What types of Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions do you participate in?
TamilCTF participates in a wide range of CTF competitions, including jeopardy style events. We enjoy the diversity of challenges offered by different CTF categories and continually expand our knowledge and skills in these areas. Also we encourage playing Hack The Box (HTB) and Try Hack Me (THM) to keep our skills sharpened.
How can I contact TamilCTF for inquiries or collaborations?
You can contact TamilCTF for inquiries or collaborations by emailing us at contact@tamilctf.com. We're open to discussions, partnerships, and answering any questions you may have.
Do you offer mentorship or guidance for newcomers to the cybersecurity field?
Yes, we believe in giving back to the community. We offer mentorship and guidance to newcomers in the cybersecurity field. If you're looking to learn and grow in this domain, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to support you in your journey.
Do you host your own CTF competitions or workshops?
Yes, we do organize CTF events and online sessions frequently. We have given technical support for various colleges and enterprises for their internal events too.